Walk with Tungtong – 21st February 2012


Photosafari is proud to organise a Walkabout with Street Photographer Extraordinaire, Tungtong. He is one of the best street photographer I have ever met. He can charm his subjects within seconds on meeting them and his story telling skills are second to none. Coming from a background of an Artist and Advertising, Tungtong’s art direction skills are an inspiration for those who love street and wedding photography.


So come and join us for a day.


Date: 21st February 2012 (Tuesday)

Place to meet: Under the overhead bridge (Pudu Market)

Time: 7.30am (just wait if we are late)

Duration: the whole day and night if you can manage it. Otherwise call and find out where we are.

Admission fees : FREE, just pay for your own drinks and meals. If you are generous, you may pick up the tabs for the Organisers…hehehe

What to bring: You can bring your whole dry cabinet if you can lug it around the whole day. Otherwise come with whatever suits you. There is no camera brand restriction. You can also come with a smart phone and blog the whole day.


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