Universal Pentax K+ Multi-Mount – Good News for Pentax Camera Owners.

A Singapore based company, Adaptist has created a universal mount for Pentax k+ cameras. Now you can fix most other brand camera lenses onto a Pentax camera. The only caveat is that it will only fit non-weather sealed Pentax cameras. You can scroll down or visit their website to find out which Pentax cameras can fit the list. For owners of Pentax K cameras with WR, do not fret, they are also developing a universal mount for it. It should be coming soon.


What is Pentax K+ Multi-Mount (PK+MM)?
PK+MM introduces a new method of adapting other camera mount lenses. As most camera mounts have flange focal distance that are too close for adapters to be possible, by changing the original mount ring of the camera to an adaptive one like PK+MM, you can now mount different mount lenses without adapters, yet achieving infinity focus in most cases. There is absolutely no degradation to image quality as there is no optical elements like other adapters.
How is this possible?
Most bayonet mounts have 3 metal tabs and the differences between different mounts lies in the mount diameter, position, thickness, shape and size of these tabs. Measurements and trials were used to determine the best design to accommodate the different mounts.What is it made of?
Our PK+MM is crafted from brass and chrome plated, exactly the same as the original manufacturer part.


Download Instruction manual Click here
See Installation instructions Click here
See Product warnings Click here
What is included in the PK+MM?
1.  Pentax K+ Multi-Mount mount ring
2.  2 pieces of Mounting shim for Nikon F mount  

     (Material: anti-fungal Formex GK10BK)
3.  2mm cross tip Philips screwdriver (installation/un-installation use)
4.  A printed instruction manual.
What camera models can PK+MM be installed on?
Most Pentax auto-focus film SLR (details here) or non-weather resistantDSLRs as listed below with Pentax K
AF mount can be installed with PK+MM. 
*ist D
*ist DS
*ist DS2
*ist DL
*ist DL2
K100D Super
Note: K-500  although non-weather resistant, cannot be installed with this PK+MM as it uses the same mount ring part as K-50 (same body design).
Box contents

(Click to view larger image)
Why PK+MM cannot be installed on Weather-Resistant DSLRs?
The mount ring between non-WR DSLR and WR DSLR are different due to:
– WR mount ring external diameter is larger at 62mm vs non-WR’s 59mm.
– WR mount ring is thicker due to sealing O-ring at edge.
*PK+MM for WR DSLRs is under development and not available yet. 
Can Pentax K mount lenses still be used?
Yes, definitely. PK+MM is designed to accept other camera mount lenses in addition to its original K mount.
What are the different mounts can be used with PK+MM?
Please note the following for all adapted lenses:
– Autofocus is not available. Only manual focus is possible.
– Aperture control is manual and its availability is dependent on the adapted lens.
– All adapted lenses turn approximately 50 degrees clockwise to mount fully.
– All adapted mount lenses are secured by tension of the leaf springs inside the camera body.  

– There is no lens release catch.

PK+MM mounted on Pentax K-r. (Click to view larger image)
Below are the different mounts that can be used on a PK+MM installed SLR/DSLR.
Click on them to find out more information like lens preparation and instructions for mounting and dis-mounting of lenses.




Visit the Gallery to see photos taken with these adapted lenses.
Where can I buy PK+MM?
PK+MM is only available online. You can place an order by clicking here.

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