The Third Eye – Photosafari’s Inaugural e-Magazine.

Since coming back from the PhotoSafari to the Himalayas a couple of weeks ago, Yusuf Hashim has been busy self learning how to use Adobe InDesign for creating and publishing books and magazines. Here are his comments when unveiling The Third Eye to the Admins and Mods of PhotoMalaysia

Quote, Yusuf Hashim,

“I was inspired  while in the Himalayas to try and learn Adobe Indesign to  produce  an eMagazine, so that we can share more of what we saw up there, and on our other regular PhotoSafaris to exotic places. . I’m pleased to say that the effort has been worthwhile. Using InDesign and working till the wee hours of the morning during these last two weeks, I have finally finished the first issue of The Third Eye which will be the unofficial eMagazine of and Its unofficial because its a labour of love and passion, and I’m not sure how long I can continue to be motivated to do this. But we’ll try and do at least an issue  every two months,

Why is it called the Third Eye and not something as boring as The PhotoMalaysia or PhotoSafari  eMagazine? Read about it in the editorial page.

The emagazine will initially be published online, and hosted at We will be emailing the entire 80,000+ membership of  and the PhotoSafari Alumni with the link to the magazine. Hopefully it will be interesting enough that they wont spam filter it to the thrash bin.

Here is the cover of the emagazine for your exclusive previewing. Please note, its still a WIP, and  needs removal of some beginner’s boo-boos. After all I’ve only  just learned Indesign. Click on it to read it online.  The final issue where all the hyperlinks  will work, will be uploaded by Tuesday 22 May, after which this link  will not work. We have already registered the domain and and eventually, when fully developed, the thirdeye will be hosted there. The eMagazine is Flash based so I’m afraid, at this point,  you cant view it on your iPads. I’ll be working on an epub version soon and iPad  users  can then download it from the iTunes App store. Everyone and anyone interested in  photography are invited to submit photos, articles, comments, and letters to the editor. We are looking especially for  photos you’ve shot, coupled with your comments or thoughts  when you shot it , which we can publish in The Third Eye. If your photos are as inspirational as the cover photo shot by  PhotoSafari Participant Tay Meow Win  at 4500 m in the Himalayas, we’ll put it on the front cover. Once again, please  forgive the proverbial printer hantu. This is actually a preview copy and the corrected version will be  uploaded hopefully by tonight and the new link will be refreshed here. ”

You can read more about The Third Eye here




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