Reindeer Festival, Salekhard, Russia

The Reindeer Festival is held yearly at Salekhard, Russia in March. However, the dates are usually announced very late in the year. It is very difficult to organise a trip to coincide with this festival.

One of the highlights is the reindeer races. The Nenets and Khanty reindeer herders who were staying in this Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug participate in this festival.

This festival is more like a carnival than a festival. It is a day long festival with many events and competitions. There was a open air market that sold daily products, food stalls, children rides, and a pop band.

Presently not many foreign tourists visit this festival. I have only met a few photographers from Hong Kong and China. will be organising another trip to the reindeer herders soon.

The Reindeer races. This is a knock-out competition which featured two racers at a time. The race is run over a course of about 500 m with u-turn. The total distance is probably about 1 km.
The races were in a knock-out competition format. The winner of this race will meet the winner of another draw.
Women too participate in the races.
There was also a snow mobile race.
The children at the festival
Women in their traditional clothes
One of the reindeer race participant.
A local in very colorful outfit