Nikon Centre Gallery-PMPE :- Shunder Bangladesh Exhibition Opening, 8th May 2011 – The Pictures

It was a milestone for PMPE members to be able to exhibit their works in Nikon Centre Gallery. Mr Lim, the man in-charge of Nikon Centre Gallery, explained that the Gallery has been on a lookout for photography exhibits of high quality to inspire members of the public and fellow photographers to greater heights in their photography pursuit. This Bangladesh Exhibition by a group of PhotoMalaysia PhotoSafari Experience (PMPE) members has met the stringent quality standards.

This Exhibition can be viewed in Nikon Centre Gallery, Berjaya Times Square, Kulal Lumpur from 1st May to 30th June 2011 from 10am to 10pm daily. Everyone is invited and admission is free.

Many thanks to our sponsors:-
1. Nikon Centre Gallery
2. Epson
3. SanDisk

All pictures were taken by Renzu

Karen, our PMPE participant in Nepal photosafari manning the reception desk. Thanks Karen

Encouraging potential participants to join PMPE

The Opening Reception started at around 4.45pm. Maxby delivered a speech on the history and background on what PMPE is all about. He has also reviewed plans on where PMPE would be heading.

Mr Lim from Nikon Centre Gallery delivering his speech. Nikon Centre Gallery is committed to display outstanding photography works from fellow photographers. He said that he hoped that the Gallery would be able to provide inspiration for the members of the public and fellow photographers

A group photo of some of the participants of this Bangladesh Exhibition. Mr Yusuf aka digitalartist is currently in Africa for 2 months. Driving around the African landscape on a 4x4.

One of the visitors to the exhibition

The public viewing the photography books published by PhotoSafari. There were some offers to buy the photography books

A member of the public viewing the exhibition

A slideshow of the works of PMPE members in the Leica-PMPE7 in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Bangladesh were shown to the public

Finally the food....light refreshments

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