Kamchatka Photosafari, August 2017 – a Video Compilation of the Trip

Our photosafari participants have compiled a video on the experience we encountered on a photosafari trip to Kamchatka in August 2017. This is a very good introductory video on what to expect in this wild and not often visited National Park in Kamchatka, Russia. It is worth your four minutes if you intend to visit Kamchatka in the near future.

The title of the video is appropriately named as Kamchatka Survivors for the harshed conditions we faced camping in the wilderness. 

In the words of Rowena Baker, “This trip took a lot out of us mentally and physically but we survived as troopers do.
In retrospect, I have no regrets as the friendship gained and the experiences we encountered only makes more appreciative and aware individuals. 
This is Kamchatka. 
The raw, untamed and edgy Kamchatka that we survived together camping in the wilderness with only brown bears, and critters for company
We survived the elements and conditions in the rough as strangers and emerged friends for life.
Would I do this again? Perhaps!”

Vidoe credits:

  1. Farizul – Drone Pilot and video editor
  2. Rowena Baker – Producer
  3. Nora Yusuf – Time-lapsed videos

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