Free DSLR Sensor Cleaning Demo on 22nd January 2011

Hi Guys…I have managed to work out the program for that day. Teh Tarik is sponsored. So come and join in the fun. Perhaps if you all still have the energy left after the Demo, then you can follow Ted for a “secret location” street shoot.

You will be given a chance to clean your own DSLR sensors under the guidance of the Experts. I just make sure that there is enough time for members who would like to try. Sensor cleaning is not so daunting a task after all with the right guidance and direction.

We have also managed to rope in Speedlite Prokit representatives to demonstrate how to convert your humble speedlite into a professional lighting system…its great for those who are doing weddings, events and portrait photographers who need to work with portable light. You never know what your speedlite is capable of.

The location plan of the place

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