The Unknown Photographer – Wahyudhy Zukara a.k.a. Geekz


Article written by : Yusuf Hashim

Being the Administrator for PhotoMalaysia for more than a decade, has its rewards. I get to meet a lot of  very talented  photographers, professionals as well as hobbyists, from whom I’ve learned a lot, sometimes simply by  savouring their  exceptional work. I’m impressed especially by hobbyist photographers, who shoot purely for  pleasure, whose reward for their not inconsiderable talent is not money, but often only, a warm feeling inside, when someone  likes, or appreciates their photos. When you shoot for money, it’s just a job. But when you shoot for pleasure, it’s passion, and it’s priceless.

I feel these unknown photographers need a bit of exposure, and hopefully, someone out there, might notice their talent, and offer a little assistance to help take  their photography talent, a step upwards. And starting with this piece about Wahyudhi Zukara, also known as Geekz in our PhotoMalaysia forums, I intend to  occasionally highlight the work of what I shall call, The Unknown Photographers.

Keep shooting Yudy. You are doing great


Yudy says he is simply an enthusiast photographer, and  he is presently exploring all genres of photography including portfolio photo shoots for models, event coverage assignments, landscape, architecture, interior photography, etc.etc. but he said, deep down he wants to become a successful travel photographer. Yudy’s regular job is with Putrajaya Holdings, so its no  coincidence that he has a lot of shots of Putrajaya.

I’m just reproducing here, a few of Yudy’s images for your viewing pleasure, mainly landscapes. What I did was, I simply screen-captured these images from his zenfolio webpage, reduced their  sizes, and posted them up here.

You can see more at his website















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