Jinli Ancient Street. Chengdu, China

In the year 2001, I first visited this street. It was a place undergoing renewal. So when I had this chance to visit it again in Oct 2010, it was a chance not to be missed. This street was the old part of the City. The entrance to this street is adjacent to Wuhou Memorial Temple also known as Zhuge Liang Temple (the Famed Advisor of the Shu Empire)

The Government has renovated and refurbished the aged exterior. The facades of the old (ancient) were given face uplift and the interiors modified to accommodate the new uses. Some would say that this is a tourist trap. It is but it is here that a busy tourist would have a summary on what life would have been a few hundred years ago.

The streets were populated with street vendors who woo their customers through a variety of ancient traditional crafts like candy art, dough dolls, shoe making, paper cutting and other crafts

Street food for me is one of the highlights in this place. There were a huge variety of street foods that I have not tasted. You could spoil yourself silly by tasting each food stall

Restaurants and Pubs lined the streets catering for the hungry and thirsty tourist.

Occasionally there would have a traditional Chinese Opera on the Opera Stage but at the time we were there, the stage was empty.

I would recommend first time visitors to Chengdu to visit this “must visit” tourist trap at least once.

Entrance to Jinlu Street

Usher for "Changing Faces" show

Candy crafts for sale

Craftsman putting the finishing touches to a "dough doll"

A traditional Chinese garden

A traditional cloth shoe maker

Unique fan shaped windows

Traditional dumplings. You can sample a large variety of street food here


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