How did they do it? – Photographing Silhouettes

Go as low as possible to capture a good silhouette

Many people have approached me and asked how I photograph a particular situation. I have tried to explain it in words but I don’t think it is effective. Here I am running a series of How did they do it. I hope it helps by providing some background information on how to take a particular situation illustrated by behind the scene shots.

1. Art direction – you need art direction to make a successful silhouette

Art direction is required

2. Getting subjects to join you in the shoot. Try to make things interesting for the subjects otherwise they will be bored

Getting the subjects together

3.  For a successful silhouette, there must be a separation between the subjects

Subjects separation is important

4. If there is not enough subject separation, the picture will look very confusing

How many legs are there in a buffalo?

5. Shoot in RAW, you can use the temperature slider to adjust a warm or cool sunset

A warm sunset

6. Shift the temperature slider to the left and you will get a cool sunset

A cool sunset

7. Try to incorporate some lead-in lines to lead the viewer in

Lead-in lines leads the viewer into the scene and adds depth


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