PMPE- Winter PhotoSafari, Harbin/Qiqihaer from 11th to 19th February 2012

This is the first time that is organizing a winter photosafari. We were inspired by various winter scenes we have seen from other photographers. Our mind’s eye has been overloaded with images that we need to put on camera. We have timed this photosafari to be just outside the main tourist season so that we can hopefully have unobstructed views of the winter grandeur. The biggest worry that came to our minds is the harsh environment, specifically the cold temperatures which often goes below -25C. If the wind starts to blow, the wind chill factor will bring the temperature down to -35C. The snow will also be a problem for cameras without weather sealing. Being born and breed in the tropical weather conditions, extreme winter is a challenge to the body and soul. However, we think that this challenge is worth taking especially if we can capture those stark winter landscapes and streets photos that we have already built up in our minds.

So are you game to join us in this extreme winter photosafari? We have arranged to stay in 4* hotels all the way. We hoped that would at least bring comfort to those frozen limbs after a hard day’s outing in the extreme environment.

For more enquiries about itinerary and pricing, please drop me an email: [email protected]

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