Photosafari Adventures for 2018

We are very excited to bring you our 2018’s photosafari adventures. We have been organising specialised photography trips on a cost-sharing basis for almost 10 years.

Since last year, we are doing something different. There are so many web applications out there helping organisers like us achieving better value and experience while preserving the original objective of taking good travel and documentary photos at “bucket list” locations. From 2015 and 2017, we have been testing the usefulness of the apps like Skyscanner, Ctrip,,, and ourselves on our own private trips and also for photosafari trips in 2017.

The experience we had was so enjoyable. We were able to accommodate groups of 12-15 people in big bungalows all along the trip. We have the freedom of either eating out at the restaurants, self-cook or engage a professional cook. Every dietary requirement is well taken care of. We can even have photo sharing or workshop session together. Savings from our more effective method of planning and executing the trips were reflected in our cost sharing. However, not all our trips are based on this format.

Morocco, Greenland, Siberia, Georgia, Namibia, and Crimea are some of the countries least known to the Tourist World. This year we will be exploring some of the truly beautiful places that only photographers would go. We are teaming up with a group of very experienced photographers at various locations who will be our English speaking photography guides. We will also be holding photography workshops during the tour to help participants improve their photography. This coming year, we are jointly organising photosafari trips to Morocco with Bob Endert, a professional photographer residing in Morocco and an ex-Canon Director for South and South East Asia.

Come and join us on our photography adventure in 2018. We have listed the approximate dates and places that we intend to venture next year. Shorter weekend photosafari trips will be announced later.

However, this program is not written in stone and we reserve the right to modify, amend, postpone or cancel any trips without notice.










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