Greenland Photosafari from 5 – 12 July 2018


  1. Introduction

    Greenland is one of the “must visit places” in one’s lifetime. The reasons that most people would hesitate about going are the prohibitive prices and the cold. We have resolved both issues by chartering our own yacht and going there in summer. This is also the season when the sun never sets. Landscapes, seascapes and Arctic life are at its best.We will visit villages in Greenland, hunt for icebergs, whales and Arctic animals.  Those who are fond of fishing will get a chance to try their luck on board a yacht, any day of our tour. Greenland is calling to us, and we are inviting you, dear friends, to join us on this exciting journey!
  1. Highlights of the Trip
  • Fjords of Ilulissat
  • Icebergs
  • whales
  • Waterfalls & black sand beaches
  • Historical Dutch whaling center
  1. Place of Embarkation

We will board the yacht at Ilulissat, Greenland.

    4. Suggested Flights to Ilulissat



KUL to Copenhagen (you may need to put up a night in Copenhagen on the way back)

      5. Copenhagen to Ilulissat (JAV) Greenland

Copenhagen to JAV (Greenland)

In any case, you are required to be in Ilulissat by 1 pm, the day the programme starts, and you will disembark the yacht after an early dinner, about 6 pm, the day the programme finishes.

     6. About the yacht – Aurora

“AURORA” is a 60 ft. Arctic-class yacht with a steel hull equipped with modern navigation systems. It includes a kitchen, toilet, hot water showers, and saloon. Living space consist of 2 double and 2 triple bunk beds cabins. The number of people on board consists of a crew of four and ten passengers on Board. The yacht has 2 zodiac (motor boat). There is a 220 V socket for charging your batteries, and fresh water; 700 + 200 liters.

       7. What to Bring?

            Camera Gear

  • DSLR camera with tripod and remote shutter release.
  • Ultra wide angle zooms eg 17-40mm
  • Medium zoom – 24-70mm
  • Telephoto 70-200, 300mm with 1.5 teleconverters, or 500 – 600mm telephoto lens for wildlife and bird photography.

           Warm Clothing

  • Weather should be around +8 to -150 C in the daytime and +5 to -150 C at night
  • Thermal long john, down jacket, outer waterproof and windproof jacket
  • Waterproof pants
  • Wellington or fishing boots with fleece lining if possible, otherwise wear winter socks.

      8. Trip Difficulty

Easy, there are no mountains to climb. However, be prepared for seasickness for those who have suffered motion sickness before. Please refer to your doctor for some motion sickness pills.

      9. Itinerary

Day 1:  5 July – Ilulissat

We’ll all meet at the airport then head for the port to board the yacht.  Along the way we’ll stock up on food and groceries guided by our cook.  Once on board we can take a short rest after our long flight while the crew prepares to cast off.  By the way, “Ilulissat” means “an iceberg”.  We are going to start our journey in the fiords of Ilulissat. 

Day 2:  6 July – Aasiaat

Many people travel to Greenland to see with their own eyes the unique beauty and grandeur of icebergs, some of which look like modern skyscrapers.  Also, whales can be seen quite often in these places.  We should always be on the alert for these sightings, camera in hand.
Day 3:  7 July – Kekertarsuak

This town is situated on the island of Disko.  If we enjoy good weather during our stay here we will take a walk to the Valley of Winds, admire the waterfalls and visit the black beach hidden by basaltic cliffs.
Day 4:  8 July – Uummannaq

The most beautiful place in Greenland, situated at the foot of a grand mountain, is found here.

Day 5:  9 July – Sarkak

From our experience, this is where we find the largest, absolutely enormous icebergs.  These giants look especially gracious in the rays of the sunset. 

Day 6:  10 July – Okkaatsut

Okkaatsut or Rodebay is the name given by Dutch whalers who held their hunt here in the beginning of the 18th century.  Rodebay means “a red harbour” in Dutch.  This is a very beautiful place especially when fog rolls over it in the evening.  The famous bar H8 where tough whalers gather in the evening to sing their strange songs is found in this town.  It is rather cozy to spend an evening here with a bottle of wine to accompany a seafood supper.  You will be able to watch icebergs drifting past through the window.  If you write poems or stories you will certainly meet your muse here. 

Day 7:  11 July – Ilulissat

Today, we return to port with a large baggage of impressions and emotions from what we have seen and experienced.  Our programme this evening includes a ceremonial dinner to mark the end of our journey. Overnight on the yacht.

Day 8: 12 July

Depart for home

For more information about pricing please email: [email protected]

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