New Full Frame DSLR for Pentax K-3?


It has been in the rumor mills for some time. Pentax is going to launch a new full frame sensor DSLR in Photokina this year. The new Pentax K-3 will spot a 24mp sensor from Sony.

Here are some of the speculated specifications:-

Rumors about a new Pentax full frame DSLR camera have been circulating for a while. Here are some new updates from Photo Rumors:


  1. Pentax will make the world’s most compact full frame body which is to be marketed by March 2013.
  2. Two body colors: black and silver.
  3. Using the new Sony 24MP full frame sensor, possibly the same as in the rumored Nikon D600 and the upcoming Sony a99. Pentax can start using this new sensor 6 months after the a99 is announced.
  4. Pentax will also announce a new full frame kit zoom lens (starting from 28mm on the wide angle side).
  5. There will be also a new battery grip and flash unit.
  6. The price of the new Pentax full frame camera is rumored to be HK$22,000 for the body only (around US$2800).
  7. The official announcement is expected in September at Photokina.

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