Canon, PhotoMalaysia, PhotoSafari – Photojournalism walkabout on Sept 11, 2011

Remembering Sept 11 tragedy, 10 years on


Photosafari has once again organised a photojournalism walkabout with Canon, Mr John Iishi and Photomalaysia. The walkabout was held on the 11th September 2011. This date falls in the same day as the 10th Anniversary as the 9/11 tragedy that rocked the world.

The theme of the walkabout was “Remembering Sept. 11 tragedy 10 years on.”

Participants were given the theme a few weeks in advance. They need to interpret the title and come out with their own interpretations of the theme.

I remembered on that faithful day I was at home doing some work when my mother phoned me and asked me to watch CNN. I switched on the TV just in time as the 2nd plane crashed into the twin tower. It was a horrific sight and so unreal. USA attacked by terrorists? I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was just another Hollywood movie. However, as the events unfolded, more disturbing news were broadcasted. I was on the TV for the next couple of days hoping that they find more survivors.

Ten years on, Malaysia though did not directly felt the impact then, however, was inevitably affected. Some were good and some were bad. The good part was that there was an increase of Middle Eastern tourists who shun Europe and North America and made a beeline for Malaysia and other South East Asian Muslim countries. This has created demand for more shops and food outlets catering for this niche market.

The bad parts were the security everywhere has increased. People were no longer trusting anymore. Everybody was physically checked in the shopping complexes, airports, offices, etc. Everyone was suspicious of each other.

I just hoped that world will turn into a better place. Normalcy may be just a dream.


This walkabout was sponsored by Canon - "delighting you always"


Yes, National Geography has written so many articles and make so many documentaries about this tragedy

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