“WISHING WELLS” – a Community Project by PhotoSafari.


a Community Project by PhotoSafari.com.my

The Recipient of Wishing Wells donation

Over the past one and a half years, PMPE has organized several outings to various countries from Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and many more countries this coming year. Along the way, we have met with several people who are in need of a little push to make their lives a little better.

Being a Photographer, we find that it is very hard to divorce ourselves from the environment our subjects are in. Yes, their environment does affect us. Some of us do cry deep inside and some were teary eyed when they left the scene. Without such emotional sensitivity we cannot be a good artist in our art and chosen medium. If you are sitting in the comfort of your home watching those wonderful pictures from our trips, you may not be affected in the way we did.

Being Photographers, our philosophy is not only just to “take” but also to “give” is an important virtue. We hope that more photographers would share our views of giving and taking.

Yusuf and I have come out with a community project to give back a little of what we can afford to help some of our subjects who are in need of a little push. We have organized an impromptu aid to a School in Panchuria, Bangladesh who were in need of concrete flooring, replacing depleted windows and doors and general repair to the walls.

In our recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia, we have put a concrete plan in place in a project called “WISHING WELLS”. We have seen many people throw coins into wishing wells hoping that there will be some Divine intervention and answer their prayers.

WISHING WELLS” hopes to answer this prayer in our own little ways and as much we possibly can.

In our Leica – PMPE7, Siem Reap, Cambodia, we started this project and have evaluated a family in one of the Villages that we have made many friends. This Recipient has a family of six. The father was a farmer and he has to feed his wife and 4 children. Their kids were very young and they had a lot of difficulties fetching water from their neighbours and taking care of their young kids. They couldn’t afford to construct a well in their compound. He has agreed that if we were to assist him to construct the well, he would be willing to share this facility with his neighbours.

The funds that we, the PMPE participants donated were only enough to buy materials that were needed to construct the well and a water filter. The Villages would help the Recipient dig and construct the well on a self help basis. The water filter was a luxury in this village as most villagers used the muddy water for consumption.

In fact, we have collected enough money to construct 2 wells and now looking for another deserving Recipient.

“WISHING WELLS” are pleased that we can make a difference in our own little way.

Our Liaison Chief recording the amount of donations by each PMPE participant

The donation - it is good enough to buy materials required for the well and the water filter

A group photo of the Recipient and PMPE Donors

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