Street Photography – advance composition techniques, Part 1 – Two faces

PMPE (PhotoMalaysia Photosafari Experience) is a good learning place to try new techniques. Yes, we were placed in a competitive position as our participants improved on their skills. I am trying to share a series of advance composition techniques used by our participants and ourselves as we go on this long photography journey. I will try to give a short explanation on each technique in a few parts.

The hardest part in street photography is moving close to the subjects. I have seen a lot of photographers using long telephoto lenses and they call it “street photography” Here in PMPE, the first thing you need to do is the break that psychological barrier you have. So getting close to subjects on the street is a given.

Street photography is also the easiest to photograph but the hardest to master. Some of these concepts and angles have to be thought through well before even getting onto the street. The technique is to develop many images in the mind’s eye and implement when a situation presents itself. It is usually too late to fiddle with the camera and compose when you are on location

Two Faces

I have developed this composition technique based on two sides of a coin. In real life situations, usually you will be presented with only one face of the coin..…the face the other person wants you to know. As thinking individuals, we always need to evaluate the other side to give a balance picture.

I am using this compositional technique to break the normal convention of “you must not place a vertical line to separate the photo”. Generally, this advice is true but at unique situations, this myth can be employed consciously to give desirable results.

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