An African Journey by Yusuf Hashim – Part 8

This is the 8th installment of An African Journey by Yusuf Hashim, a co-owner of Yusuf Hashim has been traveling around the world in a 4×4 for more than 12 years. This is one of his episodes of his travels in Africa. It will give an insight on what to expect when you travel in Africa.

Yusuf is now planning to organize a PhotoSafari for photographers to Africa soon. So stay tuned.

An African Journey by Yusuf Hashim – Part 8

Although Egypt is probably the country that most people who go to Africa will make a beeline for, for me it is probably the worst country to go to because so many tourists go to Egypt that too many Egyptians are now totally dependent on Tourist dollars to make a living. When I last drove through Egypt in June of 2011, the spring uprising had just ended and Mubarak was under arrest. Tourist arrivals plunged and everywhere we went, we were hounded by people trying to sell us something. Their favourite trick is to have three people surround you offering to sell you souvenirs which they thrust into your face. While you are distracted the third person, usually a lady, will try to pick your pockets. So many of us were victims of this trick that we simply avoided walking into tourist areas like bazaars and streets. But alas, no visit to Africa woulld be complete until you’ve seen for yourself the magnificent structures that Egyptian Pharaohs built. Heres the Pyramids of Khufu in Giza. You’ll notice its built with huge stone blocks each weighing between 2 to 5 tons. The sides used to be smooth in ancient times, but today, a close up will reveal the building blocks.

Here is a Masai dressed in all his finery

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