Kirtipur, a village outside Kathmandu, Nepal

Kirtipur a small village that lies about 5km from Kathmandu.

Tourist will usually avoid this village as there is no tourist value. However, photographers would love this small village as it has been there for more than a few centuries old. It looks like a time capsule where one can experience what life was like a few centuries ago. One thing that catches our attention was the cleanliness. The streets were well kept and neat.

The village is an ancient village, which consists of remarkable historical values and ethics. It is still an open museum of religion, culture and tradition and glorious work of Newari crafts and architecture. With majority of Newari community, the city house about 43.000 people. Kirtipur town is harmonical convergence of Buddhist and Hindus.

The residents were very friendly. We had a good time there engaging with the local residents.

Welcome to Kirtipur

Hi there

Office girl in a Travel Agency

A resident and his pretty wife

The pretty wife

Bhavani Shankar Temple

View from the top

The boy and his mother

Grandpa and grandson


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