Kedonganan Beach, Bali – A Fishermen’s Wharf.

Kedonganan Beach – A Fishermen’s Wharf.

Kedonganan Beach or Pantai Kedonganan as it is known in Indonesia is situated about 3 km from the Bali International Airport. We went there at 6am in the morning to catch the sunrise and morning activities of this place. There were lots of fishermen already docking their boats after the night’s catch. A group of workers laboured to park the boats up the beach. I believe the fishermen must have paid them for their services as this group of men are specialist in docking fishing boats.

I met Adil, the son of the fishing family. He said that he went out with his parents at night to catch fish and land their catch in the morning. After the night’s ordeal, he would go to school in the afternoon.

There were middle men ready to offer the prices for the catch, after the prices were agreed, the middle men will load the fish onto the baskets and take it to the market just nearby to sell. The market opens around 7am and Balinese would gather and buy there fishes and seafood there.

This place is worth the visit in the morning when the fishing boats come back to dock.

Adil and his family

Last night's catch was good.

A group of workers inserting the wheels underneath the boat.

It is brute strength that is needed to dock these boats

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