City of La Paz

Written by Yusuf Hashim

Woke up one fine morning in 2006. Looked out the window….and saw the city of La Paz. Then I realized I was in Bolivia and I was still alive ….the night before, we were driving along the North Yungas Road, a 61 km track from Corioco to La Paz, legendary for its extreme danger. Thank God it was night time and we couldn’t really see the bottom of the sheer cliffs. We were driving for nearly 20 hours, we were tired, and that last stretch was quite scary. One estimate is that 200 to 300 travellers are killed yearly along the Yungas Road, and all along the track there were many crosses marking the spots where vehicles had fallen. The Inter-American Development Bank named the Yungas Road in Bolivia, as the “world’s most dangerous road”….. I was drivingMohamed Assir‘s car. He, Alina Nefedova, Tango, Earnest, Beto Recalde and two others were actually on motor bikes….probably the only Malaysians to have ever gone around South America on bikes… La Paz was so beautiful that morning. It was good to be alive.

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