Bagan Deli after sun down

Bagan Deli, Belawan, a fishing village off Medan, Indonesia

Bagan Deli after sun down


Bagan Deli is a small fishing village about half an hour’s drive from Medan. We were there on the 27th February as part of our photosafari trip to Lake Toba.

The villagers were very friendly. We had a great time mixing around, playing with the kids and talking to the villagers. We gave the kids in the village an ice cream treat. The Ice Cream was there selling ice cream to the kids so we booked his whole ice cream stock and had him served it to the kids who were there.

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Dinner time


The residents stayed on stilt houses


An ice cream treat.



Two fishermen relaxing after a hard days work


Kids gather around a sundry shop


Some of the rickety walkways were replaced with concrete walkway.


Some of the kids came out to play with us.


A sundry shop.


The oldest woman in the village. She was 92 years old.




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